Family Partnership

Family Engagement Opportunities

Durango District 9-R takes regular, ongoing feedback from gifted families to adjust family engagement opportunities. Durango District 9-R provides monthly engagement opportunities through the Gifted Family Advisory Committee. The district adjusts the meeting times and planned activities based upon ongoing feedback from families. While family engagement opportunities always focus on the needs of gifted learners, they are tailored to the unique needs of the gifted families who attend. Durango District 9-R ensures that programs are culturally responsive and available to all families, including culturally and linguistically diverse families in need of translation services, virtual services, and/or childcare services in order to attend.

Ongoing Communication with Stakeholders

Durango District 9-R provides regular, ongoing communication with families and community stakeholders about identification and gifted programming through the district website, through monthly Gifted Family Advisory Committee meetings, and through ongoing campus meetings with gifted facilitators and the gifted program specialist to ensure that gifted families understand the identification process as well as the programming options available in Durango Schools. Durango District 9-R asks for regular feedback from families to improve identification and programming options for all gifted learners in Durango Schools.