Strategic Plan

2023-2025 Strategic Plan represents our commitment to students, staff, and community

We are proud to share our new Strategic Plan Community Brochure. This publication captures Durango School District’s mission, vision, values, and an overview of our top goals for the next three years. It tells our story: where we’re located, who we are, what we believe, and who we serve. 

You’ll also find interesting facts, useful data, and pages dedicated to career opportunities and community engagement. Clickable links within the document (look for the yellow arrows) allow you to quickly navigate to the content on our website that’s important to you.

Our primary objective in the Durango School District is to help every student achieve their Ikigai – their goal and purpose in life, that future pathway that encompasses students’ passions and talents in a career that the world needs. The plan described in this document outlines our strategies for making this happen for students. 

We worked with members of our community – families, teachers and staff, industry leaders, and students – to identify the six competencies that will support student success now and in that future career. These define our Portrait of a Graduate. As you will see from this publication, every aspect of our organization is stacked up – like wayfinding stones in a cairn – to build Empathetic Collaborators, Creative Problem-Solvers, Agile Thinkers, Confident Communicators, Resilient Risk-Takers, and Courageous Leaders. 

Durango School District is committed to this journey. We invite you to partner with us as we make a great future for everyone in our community.