Human Resources

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Durango, CO is an amazing place to live and work! Durango School District is committed to hiring outstanding educators who have a passion for their craft. We value diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in our schools and work environments.

Our Portrait of a Graduate is the shared vision guides the district as a “north star” to prepare students for life after school. When students graduate, that’s really just the beginning.

We believe in developing and growing our students and our employees!  We offer a comprehensive professional development and growth program to all of our employees and offer many advancement opportunities within our organization.

We have an array of career opportunities in a variety of fields.  We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package to our employees.   

  • Positions that are 24+ hours per week have full-time health/dental/vision benefits
  • Positions that are 16-23 hours per week include half-time health/dental/vision benefits
  • Positions include a sick and personal leave package; year round positions also include vacation leave
  • Hourly positions include paid holidays
  • CO PERA Retirement System - Employer contributes 21.4% of earnings to the employee’s retirement account
  • Employee Childcare opportunities located at Durango High School




Verification of Employment

Any individual, or company, wishing to verify employment (present or past), must submit a written request to fax (970) 385-3643 along with a signed release and a return fax number. We do not do verbal verifications employment.

Title IX Coordinator - Laura Galido     [email protected]      970-247-5411, ext 1438
Compliance Officer - Laura Galido     [email protected]      970-247-5411, ext 1438