Durango School District Accessibility Statement

It is the goal of Durango School District 9-R that the information on this website be accessible to individuals with visual, hearing, or cognitive disabilities. Good faith efforts are being made to ensure that our website complies with web accessibility standards.

Most pages on our site are available in HTML format, which can be read by screen readers. Some documents are in Adobe PDF format, requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded for free from the Adobe website. Additionally, some documents are in Google Docs, and Google Forms. Most modern browsers and screen readers can access Google-based documents. More information about Google web products accessibility can be found on the Google Accessibility website.

In order to ensure that Durango School District websites are accessible to everyone in our community, including those with disabilities, we are using the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.
If you cannot access any page(s) on our site, please email us at [email protected]. Include the location of the webpage/document, your name, email address, and phone number so we can provide the information in another format, and address the issue.
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Durango School District’s HB21-1110 Compliance Plan

Website Compliance Plan 

  1. Analyze website for compliant and non-compliant elements.
  2. Correct web page structure for compliance.
  3. Apply captions for video content.
  4. Add alt tags as needed.
  5. Analyze PDFs for compliance.
  6. Delegate staff roles to bring PDFs into compliance.
  7. Apply for and receive SIPU grant for Allyant compliance software.
  8. Durango School District to use Allyant Product “CommonLook Suite” to bring PDFs to Compliance.
  9. Durango School District to fix PDF Issues as needed.

 Staff Training

  1. Durango School District will identify staff training scope and needs. 
  2. Durango School District will develop, or partner with a provider for, a staff training component for all staff-required training done internally.
  3. Durango School District to incorporate all staff training into new hire onboarding.
  4. Durango School District to provide annual refresher training to all staff.
    1. Accessibility for Digital Resources Foundations
    2. Accessibility with Google Tools
    3. Accessibility with student facing Chromebooks, tablets, and other digital devices

 Application/Software Compliance

  1. Durango School District to develop vendor vetting process & protocols for all application requests.
  2. Durango School District to send vendor HB21-1110 Accessibility form to all vendors before approval.
  3. Vendors shall comply or Durango School District will apply for the Undue Burden, Fundamental Alteration, or Direct Threat/EEAAP Documentation Protocol.

Documents and other Digital Resource Compliance

  1. Durango School District to check for accessibility in all published documents.
  2. Durango School District to use Canva Accessibility checker for all created Canva Documents/Resources.
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Give us Feedback

If you have feedback or concerns about the accessibility of our web pages or material contained within them, please let us know.