School Safety

The Durango School District 9-R Board of Education, administration, and staff are committed to creating a resilient and safe learning environment for all students on all our school campuses.

Ensuring that our schools are safe and secure places for our students and staffs is a shared expectation and responsibility. School districts need the community and most importantly the school families to advocate school safety, as well. The perception of school safety is no longer acceptable.

Are we talking to kids about school safety? Are we talking to our kids about how to cope with the challenges they may face on or around the school campus? Are we asking them what those challenges are? Are we sharing our concerns with school administrators? Are we providing the best safety and security measures needed for our students, staff and families? These are just some of the questions I think about when there is a report of school violence.

We know that the family structure today is complex and consequently so are schools. These complexities include multiple stakeholders and interconnecting environmental factors that influence student health and safety. As such, comprehensive needs assessments of school climate including school engagement, school safety, and the school environment are elements to be evaluated and can provide schools with the data support needed to pursue comprehensive approaches to improving school climate. A comprehensive picture of school health and safety can be created by utilizing needs assessments that include student perceptions and, where appropriate, parent and staff perceptions, to help schools identify key issues in need of attention. By monitoring indicators such as the frequency and severity of student risk behaviors, and perceptions of their safety, schools may identify threats to school safety and then use this information to implement the appropriate intervention or program to improve school safety.

Please engage in our school safety survey. Results will be posted following our data gathering.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Together we will make a difference!standard response protocol teen to teen


The Importance of Conducting Student Behavioral Threat Assessments

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