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9-R Board of Education

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Each of Colorado's 178 school districts is governed by a Board of Education comprised of people elected by the residents of the district. It is the Board's responsibility to establish and maintain a system of education in the district, as prescribed by the constitution and laws of the state. School board members are community volunteers who give freely of their time to govern public schools. Durango School District 9-R is governed by a five member board.

The Durango 9-R School Board chose to use Coherent Governance as its governance model approximately 10 years ago. This model helps to clarify the roles of both the school board (policy making and oversight) and the superintendent (academic and management leader).

Under Coherent Governance, the Board is responsible for clearly defining what students should know and be able to do by the time they graduate from high school (click here for the Board's Results Policies). The Board consciously stays out of the district's day-to-day management decisions and adopts policies that give the superintendent the authority to select the resources, teachers, and educational programs that he or she believes best serve student-learning needs. (Click here for the Board's Operational Expectation Policies). The Board takes a strong oversight role by holding the superintendent accountable for ensuring that students are making reasonable progress toward meeting the district's educational goals.

Board Minutes, Agendas, and Policies

Please jump to the BoardDocs eGovernance solution to review information on current and past board meeting agendas, copies of board minutes, and district and board policies.
To participate in Public Participation at our meetings, please access the form below and return to [email protected]. If you need assistance with the form or if you need translation supports, please contact the Board Clerk at 970-247-5411.
Digital Public Participation Forms:
If you need assistance with a paper Public Participation Form, please call the District Office at 970-247-5411.

Contacting Board Members

The Durango School District 9-R Board of Education welcomes comments and correspondence from district residents. The following guidelines are provided to assist you with your correspondence. If you need translation supports, please email [email protected] to request this service.
Correspondence with All Board Members OR Request for Formal Board Response About an Issue

Please use the e-mail address below. Your correspondence will automatically be forwarded to all board members. Any response will come from the board president or designee. Only the board president may speak on behalf of the board as a whole

Durango School District 9-R Board of Education E-mail Address:

[email protected]
Board Member Listing
Erika Brown  Vice-President  District A [email protected]  (801) 573-3806
Kristin Smith  President  District B [email protected]  (970) 375-3819
Rick Petersen
 Treasurer  District C [email protected]  (970) 375-3819
Katie Stewart
 Member  District D [email protected]  (970) 375-3819
Andrea Parmenter
 Secretary  District E [email protected]  (970) 375-3819
Hazel Seashore-Botha
 Ex-Officio Student   [email protected]org   (970) 375-3819
Hunter Osborn
 Ex-Officio Student   [email protected]org   (970) 375-3819
Hadley Thompson
 Ex-Officio Student   [email protected]org   (970) 375-3819
Cat Morgan
Board Clerk   [email protected]  (970) 247-5411
Board Documents