District Accountability Advisory Committee

The establishment of a District Accountability Advisory Committee (DAAC) is one aspect of educational accountability in the state of Colorado that allows for the input of parents, educators, administrators, and the community in establishing clearly defined statewide academic performance objectives.


Membership on the DAAC will include at least one member of each school’s School Advisory Committee (SAC), at least two teachers who are employed by the school district, at least one school administrator who is employed by the school district, one representative from the Board of Education, one representative from the District’s Financial Advisory Committee (FAC), and at least one person who is involved in business in the community within the school district boundaries.


Meetings are typically held on the 1st Monday of the month, September through May, from 4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. at the District Office, 201 E 12th St., Durango.


The DAAC shall have the following responsibilities:

Review of:

  • Mill Levy Funds and distribution
  • School and district performance results
  • Student perception survey results
  • Unified Improvement Plans (UIP's)
  • Charter School implementation
  • Gifted and Talented programming
  • District School Safe Plan
  • District revised budget at mid-year
  • Personalized Competency Based Learning (PCBL)
  • School Calendars

In addition, the DAAC is charged with the development and implementation of a Parent Survey with results shared with the Board of Education. The DAAC provides the Board of Education with a mid-year report and a year-end report.

To volunteer please contact your school principal or the Superintendent's Office:

Cat Morgan
Phone: 247-5411, ext. 1448
Email: [email protected]

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