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Board Elections

Board Election Announcement 2021

The 9-R Board of Education would like to officially announce the Board seats up for election in the Fall of 2021. The districts up for election are District A, District C, and District E. Districts A, C, and E will be elected for 4 year terms. To review the boundaries of each district please review the board district map on the 9-R website or call the district office for address verifications.

2021 Candidates

Director District A - Four Year Term

Catherine Mewmaw - website: CathyforDurango9R.com

Email address: Cathy@cathyfordurango9R.com  

Phone number: 970-422-8257

Address: 422 Horse Thief Lane, Durango, CO 81301


Erika Brown - website: https://www.erikafordurango9r.com 

Email address: Erika@Erikafordurango9R.com  

Address: 16 Artisan Court, Durango, CO 81301


Kristina Paslay - website: www.buildingdurangosfuture.com 

Email address: tkpaslay@yahoo.com  

Address: 1844 CR 203, Durango, CO 81301



Director District C- Four Year Term

Richard “Dean” Hill - website: https://buildingdurangosfuture.com

Email address: popeyehill@yahoo.com  

Address: 147 Lone Pine Gulch Road, Durango, CO 81301


Richard “Rick” Petersen

Email address: rickpetersenfor9R@gmail.com  

Phone number: 970-299-3311

Address: 2302 CR 234, Durango, CO 81301


Director District E - Four Year Term

Andrea Parmenter - website: https://www.andreafordurango9r.com/

Email: andreafordurango9r@gmail.com 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/andreafordurango9r

Phone: 970-799-0210

Address: 440 CR 239, Durango, CO 81301


Donna Gulec - website: https://buildingdurangosfuture.com 

Email address: donnagulec2021@aol.com  

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/donna.gulec.3/ 

Address: 3655 CR 250, Durango, CO 81301



More Information about Elections

A candidate for the school board must be a resident of the school district and a registered voter for at least 12 consecutive months prior to the election. If the school district has director districts in its plan of representation, the person must be a resident of the director district in which he or she is a candidate. No person who has been convicted of a sexual offense against a child is eligible to serve on the school board. Because school director elections are nonpartisan, candidates may not campaign as members of a political party.

Nomination Procedures
A person who desires to be a candidate for school director must file a nomination petition signed by 50 eligible electors. Your school district can provide more information about the number of signatures required on the petition.

For the 2021 election, nomination petitions can be circulated beginning August 4, 2021. The nomination petition must be filed with the designated election official of the school district no later than August 27, 2021 (67 days before the election).

Campaign Filing Requirements
School board candidates must meet filing requirements under Colorado’s Fair Campaign Practices Act (FCPA). One of the first steps is to file a candidate’s affidavit with the Secretary of State within 10 days of becoming a candidate. Also, candidates are required to report contributions and expenditures on the Secretary of State’s online TRACER program.

For more information about FCPA’s reporting requirements and timelines for filing these reports, please visit the Colorado Secretary of State’s website at www.sos.state.co.us.

Please contact the district office with any questions at 970-247-5411 or email info@durangoschools.org. You can also visit the Colorado Association of School Board’s website for general candidate information. https://www.casb.org/built-to-serve_becoming-a-candidate


Please access the documents below for required paperwork needed to run for for a school director:

The documents below provide important details and guidance on the election process: