Professional Development

Aligning Professional Development to Student Needs

Durango District 9-R collects research and data on:

Gifted student achievement
  • Gifted student growth   
  • Gifted student social-emotional needs
  • Gifted student instructional strategies
  • Stakeholder feedback

Professional development for gifted facilitators, teachers, and administrators in Durango District 9-R is planned based on this research and data to ensure the 9-R gifted program is always improving and always focused on the needs of gifted learners. 

Staff Growth and Professional Development in Durango

Durango District 9-R provides regular, ongoing professional development opportunities in gifted education. Any staff, regardless of discipline, may participate in gifted professional development, and the highly qualified gifted staff in the district have the opportunity to share their expertise with other staff members in order to build capacity across the district in a multidisciplinary team dynamic.

Staff Communication

Durango District 9-R staff members communicate regularly using well-defined channels and 21st century technology regarding the needs of gifted learners. Leaders and teachers use a multi-tiered system of support to ensure that students’ needs are met while all stakeholders are informed through progress monitoring in ways that share strategies every time they share progress and therefore reinforce professional development, program improvement, and student growth.