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Programming and Services

Academic Emphasis:
The goal of the G/T Program in the Durango School District 9R is to provide support for gifted and talented learners who need and desire learning which is academically rigorous and rich. The curriculum is differentiated to meet the students' need for faster pacing and increased depth of instruction. G/T Facilitators, school and academic counselors at each building provide support to identified gifted learners as well as instructional support and resources to general education teachers. Elementary teachers focus their time on a variety of strategies, including cluster grouping, push-in and pull-out models, offering instruction in academic-based enhancement of classroom instruction, taking our gifted and high-ability students deeper into content and offering them a more challenging curriculum. At the secondary level, this includes more advanced classes and acceleration offerings.

Staff Support:

Each elementary school building in Durango 9-R has a Gifted Program Facilitator, school counselor, or grade level teacher assigned for the purpose of providing gifted education support, direct/indirect instruction and personal counseling to gifted education students. Middle and high schools are staffed with school and academic counselors who work with high ability learners/gifted learners on course selection, college and career choices, and affective counseling issues.


Advanced Learning Plans:

All students who are identified as gifted must have an Advanced Learning Plans (ALPs) according to state mandate. These plans are developed around students' identified strength areas. ALPs outline a plan for the student to continue to grow and to learn in his or her area of exceptional ability, creating the opportunity for the gifted learner to experience commensurate academic growth. Advanced Learning Plans are written in conjunction with the student, the parents, the general education teacher(s), and the G/T facilitator, school or academic counselor. Goals and plans are reviewed annually.



Gifted Education is also supported through Enrichment activities which occur outside of the school day. Enrichment activities may include Destination Imagination, Invention Convention, Science Fair, Knowledge Bowl, National Geographic Geography Bee, math competitions, History Day, Academic Decathlon, Durango Aerospace Design Team, and speech and debate. Each program is designed to enrich the students' educational experience; it does not supplant classroom instruction. 


Competency-Based Education:  
The Durango 9-R District allows students to access learning through personalized pathways that meet students' academic needs and interests. Work habits contribute to student's college, career, and community readiness.