Online Student Nutrition Gifts/Donations

Gifts and Donations


Durango 9-R welcomes donations from individuals, organizations, corporations, and community groups, and is grateful for our community's support for families in need of assistance with paying for school meals for their children.  Donations are prioritized to help offset unpaid balances for our highest need students, and as such, any donations will be applied in the order of highest need first.  The District will apply donated funds in the following manner:

  1. Families with overdue balances that are on FREE or REDUCED Meal Plans
  2. Families with overdue balances and approved Hardship Applications

When funds are available, families in need of assistance may declare hardship and request the use of donation funds to help pay down an account balance.  A family may declare hardship and apply for funds by completing a Hardship Application, available on the Meal Account Payment Options  page. 


Donors should read the following District Policy (KCD) on donations prior to making a contribution to the district.


District Policy KCD Public Gifts/Donations to Schools:


Gifts of money, equipment and materials to the district or its schools by individuals and/or organizations may be accepted by the superintendent, provided that such gifts incur no obligations to the school district or school district personnel unless such obligations have been approved by the Board.  Such gifts must be relevant to the recognized purposes of the school district.  All gifts to the district or its schools in excess of $100 shall be reported to the Board.


The district nor any of its schools or personnel shall not solicit any gift, payment, gratuity or donation from any individual or organization in consideration for any commitment for goods, services or benefit.  Excluded from this policy are organizations such as the Durango Foundation for Educational Excellence, booster clubs and parent organizations that raise funds to assist the school district.


When you are ready to donate, it's easy.  You have two options for donating to Durango School District 9-R Student Nutrition Services.

  1. Use our new online payment portal!  Click on the Donations Box on this site:  RevTrak Portal.  Then select "Student Nutrition Services Donation" in the Donations List.
  2. Make a check payable to Durango School District 9-R, note in the Memo section - "Nutrition Services Donation" and send it to:

Durango School District 9-R

ATTN:  Student Nutrition Services

2390 Main Avenue

Durango, CO 81301

Thank you for your support of our efforts and for recognizing that an investment in Durango 9-R Student Nutrition Services is not only an investment in improving children's health, academic achievement, cognitive development and mental health, but also an investment in Durango's future.
If you have any questions, please contact Student Nutrition Services at (970) 259-1630, extension 2042 or 2041.  We may also be reached at:  Food Service Gmail.