Alert Notifications

Durango 9-R uses an alert notification broadcast system in the event of a snow closure, school emergency or other critical school communication. Currently the system notifies parents and key personnel through phone calls, text messages and emails. If you wish to receive alert notifications via email and/or text, please be sure to provide your email(s) and/or cell phone numbers (and indicate the number is a cell phone) to your school when registering or by updating your information through your IC Campus login. We will also update our district information line with alert notifications. You can reach the information line directly at (970) 375-3811.
When and if the school district chooses not to use the alert system, we will implement a “Parent Letter” to keep parents informed of any exceptional circumstances. These letters go home with students the day of the incident, explaining the occurrence in detail. The district will opt to utilize this method when and if the incident does not affect drop off or pick up and is not a critical emergency.

During an Emergency

During an emergency, details and information will be shared via alert notifications, as well as on our website at, on Twitter @Durango9R, on, on our information line at (970) 375-3811, and through local TV and radio stations. Please check those sources for updates when and if there are school closures, lockdowns, lockouts or other emergency notifications.
If the district must close schools information will also be sent to area radio and television stations. The district aims to communicate this information by 6 a.m. Tune in to any of the radio or television stations listed below for information. We also will contact you through the alert messaging preferences you selected (phone, email and/or text).
KDAG 96.9 FM KKFG 104.5 FM KTRA 102.1 FM KIQX 101.3 FM KRSJ 100.5 FM KIUP 930 AM KISZ 97.9 FM KRWN 92.9 FM KDUR 91.9 FM KSUT 90.1 FM KDGO 1240 AM KPTE 99.7 FM
For questions, comments or concerns about our alert notification system, feel free to contact us via email at [email protected].

Early Dismissal

If a weather-related or other emergency occurs during the school day, an early dismissal for students may occur. The school dismissal time will be a set amount of time, such as 30 minutes, one, two, or three hours before the regularly scheduled dismissal. Information will be sent to you through our alert notification system, and through all other broadcast channels listed above.

Adverse Weather

Southwest Colorado weather can be fickle with temperatures suddenly dropping by 30 degrees or more with a change in the forecast. That’s particularly true in wintertime, when a sunny, comfortable morning with temperatures in the 30s can turn overcast with blowing snow and wind-chill factors in the single digits by afternoon.
Because the district’s schools are located in geographically and meteorologically diverse regions of La Plata County, each school principal will determine if weather conditions warrant moving outdoor activities inside the building. Generally, modifying outdoor activities will be considered when the temperature drops below 20°F. However, temperature isn’t the only factor that will be considered; other weather to be considered will include:
  • Time outdoors
  • Level of activity
  • Sunshine
  • Humidity
  • Wind speed and wind chill factors
  • Rapidly changing weather conditions
  • Rain, hail, snow
  • Presence of lightning or tornadoes
Parents should ensure their children are prepared for outdoor activities in Colorado weather, particularly in the winter months, when students should wear coats, hats, and gloves to school, regardless of the forecast. Schools remain among the safest locations for children, and therefore, emergency school closings are considered rarely and only when the health and safety of district students are at risk.
Kids’ Camp will not operate when schools are closed due to inclement weather or during emergencies. All clubs and student activities may be canceled when schools are closed from weather or emergencies; parents will be notified accordingly.