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Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapists (OTs) are part of the Exceptional Student Services (ESS) teams in each school within 9R.  OTs support students who are experiencing any one, or combination of, a  wide variety of physical or cognitive disabilities, fine motor, visual motor, visual perceptual, or sensory processing challenges within the school environment.  Our focus is on function and independence. Whether we need to modify a task, teach a new skill, or adapt the environment: we are committed to helping students succeed at school.
Sometimes, OTs are helping students with handwriting skills, or working on visual perceptual skills as they relate to reading and writing.  Sometimes, OTs are supporting students to learn how to perform “self care” skills independently in a school setting.  OTs can support students, and the staff that work with them, on using sensory input to help a student: focus, manage stress or debilitating behaviors in the school setting due to excessive stimulation of the nervous system in the school environment.  OTs love finding creative ways to help student accomplish learning and school based activities as independently as possible.
OTs support learning and success for students through a wide variety of methods.  These can include direct therapy services, “behind the scenes” support for the student and staff with ideas, adaptive equipment or methods of performing tasks, or even assistive technology.
Occupational Therapy is a motor and cognitive based therapy model, that can be provided in conjunction with other special education services for students with IEP’s.  
The OT’s in 9R are dedicated to offering quality supports and services to the schools within the district, engaging in classroom based activities, individual therapeutic interventions, and overall participation with the school staff and ESS teams.
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