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Frequently Asked Questions

What curriculum is used in 9-R preschools?

We use the Creative Curriculum for Preschool as a framework that uses exploration and discovery as a way of learning and enables children to develop confidence, creativity, and lifelong critical thinking skills. We address all the Colorado Academic Standards through this curriculum in a nurturing, predictable, and fun environment.


Is there child care available for after-school hours?

There are no services available for our preschool students after school. Unfortunately, due to childcare rules and regulations, preschool students are not able to participate in The Club after-school program at the school.


How can I get my child into a 9-R preschool classroom?

We have a limited number of slots available, and we give priority to children who are 4 years old by September 1st and who live within the school attendance area. When space is available we will also serve 3-year-olds. The first step to enrollment is to complete a Preschool Interest Form. The early childhood coordinator will reach out if there is space available or notify you of the waitlist.


What is the ratio of teachers to preschool students?

1-8. We have a limit of 16 children with a licensed teacher and full-time instructional aide in each class.


Why do you charge tuition in a public school preschool?

Universal Preschool will only cover up to 15 hours for all 4-year-olds, 30 hours for eligible 4-year-olds, and 10 hours for eligible 3-year-olds. You may be eligible to receive full coverage based on a variety of factors determined by CDEC. Please complete the UPK application to find out what you qualify for.


What is the tuition for 9-R early childhood programs?


Qualifying Tuition Support Monthly Rate
30 hours of UPK tuition in full-day program $0
15 hours of UPK tuition in full-day program $374
10 hours of UPK tuition in full-day program $528
No tuition support in full-day program $748
Half day program  $280

How do I apply for Universal Preschool?

The Universal Preschool application or UPK can be found here. Eligibility is determined by the Colorado Department of Early Childhood.


What if my child has a September birthday and misses the cutoff for kindergarten?

We recognize that September 1st is an arbitrary date and that children may have the developmental and academic maturity to be successful in kindergarten. This decision is made after observation of your child in their preschool setting, completing a developmental screener, and talking with parents and teachers. Contact Jennifer Baufield for more information.


What if my child turns 5 years old after October 1st?

We now have permission from the state to accelerate highly advanced gifted children if their birthday falls after October 1st if they are evaluated to be exceptional in aptitude/cognitive reasoning, academics, school readiness, and motivation. For further information, see the Early Access tab under this Early Childhood section.


My child is not age eligible yet. Can I put them on the waitlist?
We only accept interest forms for students eligible for the upcoming school year. Waitlists are NOT carried over from year to year. You will want to complete the preschool interest form and universal preschool application in the spring prior to when your student is eligible to start.

What is the family income threshold to qualify as a risk factor for UPK funding? 

The family income threshold is below 270% of the federal poverty level, based on your household’s gross annual income. Qualifying based on income is determined by the Colorado Department of Early Childhood through the universal preschool portal. The current income by household size are: 

Household size

Annual income


























Contact Information

To get more information about our preschool availability and program information, you may contact:

Jennifer Baufield

Coordinator of Early Childhood Programs

Phone: 970-247-5411 ext. 1468

Email: [email protected]