Long-Range Planning Committee

As Durango School District 9-R continues to grow, it is important for the district to receive input from community stakeholders so that the district may expand in a direction supported by our taxpayers and community members. To assist in this process the 9-R Board of Education has convened the Durango 9-R Long-Range Planning Committee to review existing district facilities and set a vision for renovations and new facilities. 
The goal of the Long-Range Planning Committee is to provide recommendations, looking at both five and ten years out, for the design of a school system that reflects the Board's vision, in light of area population changes while taking into consideration staffing, budget, facilities, resources, and educational and co-curricular programs. 
The Long-Range Planning Committee began meeting in February, 2023.
The meetings concluded October, 2023.
At the Board of Education Regular Meeting on January 23, 2024  the Long Range Planning Committee will present  a master plan to Board of Education.
The previous Long-Range Planning team made their final recommendations to the board in June 2020 and then disbanded. Please see the document below for the committee's recommendations.