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School Social Workers

School Social Workers are available at every school as a resource for families, students and teachers. 
Their main role is to develop and maintain relationships with students, families, school staff, and
community resources. 

Social workers join with families and schools to meet the needs of students and help ensure success at
school.  Unlike child protection workers, school social workers do not investigate allegations of child
abuse or neglect.  They consult with the educational team in areas of social-emotional learning,
mental health diagnosis and treatment, behavioral management strategies and community resources. 
School social workers also provide direct services to students in one-on- one or small group settings to
help build the skills that students need to succeed at school.

School Social Workers are licensed by the Colorado Department of Education and supervised by the
ESS Director of Special Education. Please visit https://www.cde.state.co.us/cdesped/rs-ssw to learn
more about School Social Workers in Colorado.