Financial Transparency

Required Financial Transparency

Colorado Revised Statutes, 22-44-304

(Commencing July 1, 2023)



All documents above must be posted or updated within 60 days (30 days for waiver information) after completion or receipt of the applicable report, statement, or document.


*Financial Data File for FY22-23 is required to be posted no later than March 1st, 2024




Please consider the context when evaluating financial transactions.  Some transactions may appear improper on the surface but are perfectly normal and justifiable when placed in the proper context.  We welcome your questions regarding our financial transactions or records.

For further information about Financial Transparency in Colorado, visit the Colorado Department of Education School Finance Division website at or visit the Community Guide to Understanding Colorado Public School Finance and Funding Practices

Contact Information:

Kira Horenn, Director of Finance
Phone: 970-247-5411 ext. 1429