New 9-R Family Registration

What to expect in Online Registration:

Parents/guardians will fill out an online application which will be processed by the school(s) and notifications will be sent via email as an application moves through the approval process, so a valid email address is required. Upon application approval, it will be necessary for the family to visit the school(s) to complete the enrollment process. You will be notified via email who to contact to make an enrollment appointment at the school.

Please review the Enrollment Forms page after registering. Every student needs a new Health Information Form turned in to their school every year. Please reach out to your school with any questions.

If you need any help navigating through the registration process, don't hesitate to call the Registration Support Line at 970-247-5411, ext. 1456, or 1461.

If you have questions about the Infinite Campus Online Registration Application please contact 970 247-5411 ext 1423.