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A Round of Applause for Our May Bravo! Award Winners

DHS Paraprofessional Brandon Ledford. Brandon
The Bravo! Award for the week of May 8th went to DHS Paraprofessional Brandon Ledford.Brandon was nomination by District Nurse Adeline Bryant.
In her nomination she wrote, "Brandon is a paraprofessional at Durango High School. After participating in and earning his CPR/First-Aid certification from the District Nurses, Brandon's new skills were put to the test. Yesterday, one of Brandon's students began to choke on his lunch and turn blue. Brandonquickly gave the student the Heimlich maneuver until the student became responsive again. Brandon's quick action allowed for a positive outcome in a choking situation." 
Awesome job, Brandon!
Kira Horenn, Lead Accountant & Payroll for Durango 9-R
The Bravo! Award for the week of May 22nd went to Kira Horenn, Lead Accountant & Payroll for Durango 9-R. She was nominated by the Finance Department.
In their nomination they wrote, "With all the adjustments and vacancies we’ve had in the finance office since January, Kira stepped up and was able to handle payroll and her regular duties without missing a beat, all while training Jennifer Mioni to take over payroll. She’s always so cheerful and friendly, even when under a lot of pressure, she never lets any stress show. She’s definitely an asset to this finance team and we’d be lost without her!"
Nice work, Kira!
Big Picture's Special Education Teacher Jessica Reeve
Our last two Bravo! Awards of the year on May 29th went to Big Picture's Special Education Teacher Jessica Reeve and Coordinator of Food and Nutrition Krista Garand.
Jessica was nominated by Big Picture Advisor Melissa Boudreaux. In her nomination she wrote, "Jessica constantly goes out of her way to help and support all of our students, whether on her caseload or not. Jessica has amazing patience, positivity, and rapport with the students at Big Picture; she cares deeply for the students and is always there to lend a hand and work one-on-one on academics or sit and talk with any student when they need it, even if it comes out of her own personal time. She tracks weekly goals with all of her students and maintains excellent communication with staff and parents about the progress of students. Jessica is also very supportive of all of the extracurricular events that our students are involved in and that we host as a school. For example; she chaperoned prom, attended all of the senior thesis projects that our seniors hosted, has volunteered to assist other staff in chaperoning advisory or academic field trips, and she has helped out during all of our school fundraising events. Not only is Jessica always there for the students, she is very supportive of fellow staff members as well. Jessica is an absolute pleasure to work with and such an amazing asset to the students at Big Picture. We are all incredibly lucky to have her as part of our staff!"
Way to go, Jessica!
Coordinator of Food and Nutrition Krista Garand
 Our last two Bravo! Awards of the year on May 29th went to Big Picture's Special Education Teacher Jessica Reeve and Coordinator of Food and Nutrition Krista Garand.
Krista was nominated by the Superintendent's office and the 9-R Board of Education. In their nomination they wrote, "The level at which Krista performs for all 9-R campuses is phenomenal. She continues to explore countless alternatives (think farm-to-school, Demon Deli, 9-R beef program, etc.) to provide our school communities with nutritious options throughout their day, all while operating under strict federal guidelines that dictate meal ingredients, preparation, and serving size, among a host of other constraints. As if all this juggling isn’t enough to fill one super hero’s plate, Krista’s talents extend beyond the regular school day, when she supplies extraordinary meals for 9-R’s bimonthly School Board meetings. By serving our board some amazing creations that are whipped up offsite and transported to a building that has no kitchen, Krista not only delivers the impossible, but she makes the Nutrition Services department shine in the process! The end result is a lovely expression of appreciation for our school board members, who are treated, without fail, to 9-R’s finest edible works of art twice a month! Thank you for keeping the bar remarkably high, Krista!"
Nice job, Krista!
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