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Preschool Students Try Running a School

Each week students are introduced to a new job through a school tour. After the tour, students are given 45 minutes each day to take turns filling that job role in their classroom and exploring what that person does to serve the students and school community. For example, after getting a behind the scenes look at the school library, students were able to take turns pretending to check in and out books for their classmates.
Student being school secretary.
Khaleesi G. takes a turn as the school secretary fielding phone calls and greeting visitors. 
Students playing nurse.
Taking on the roll of school nurse, Sophia L. treats of minor aches and pains.
Student pretending to be music teacher and students playing instruments.
Nora S. instructs her fellow students how to play their instruments as she acts as music teacher for the day.
Students pretending to be custodians.
Student custodians Gavin O. and Jaxx S. make repairs and help clean the school.
Student run cafeteria.
Students who take on the role of cafeteria staff prepare imaginary meals and run the cash register, accepting payment for student lunches.
 Student pretending to be principal.
The student acting as the principal is able to give out “Golden Mustangs” or bonuses when he or she sees students or staff doing great work. Abel R. makes sure the school is running smoothly and safely during his time as principal.
Taking on these various job roles allows students to understand how people work together, and how each employee in the school has a role in helping students.
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