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A Round of Applause for Our November Bravo! Award Winners

Animas Valley Kids' Camp Site Coordinator Victoria Monreal DHS Spanish Teacher Kai Kauppi Riverview ESS Teacher Melissa Halonen

The Bravo! Award for the week of November 7th went to Animas Valley Kids' Camp Site Coordinator Victoria Monreal who was nominated by Heather Pyeatt the Senior Administrative Assistant for Student Services.

In her nomination Heather wrote, "Yesterday, while subbing with Victoria at Kids' Camp for the early release I was continually impressed with the quality of programming, support for students, and structure Victoria provided for the students. Kids' Camp is a hard job with such a variety of students through all grades coming together for unstructured time, but Victoria is a pro! I could go on and on and play by play for each moment she impressed but since she does this everyday the list would be too long. I am just glad to know we have staff like her for our students. I hope she can see how valuable she is to our district."

Great job, Victoria!

The Bravo! Award for the week of November 14th went to DHS Spanish Teacher Kai Kauppi. Kai was nominated by DHS Assistant Principal Darren Tarshis.

In his nomination he wrote, "Kai is always trying to innovate his teaching methods. Recently Kai tried a new activity with his Spanish IV students using their cell phones. One half of the class made calls to the other half of the class who received the calls, 100% in Spanish. The callers had a script that was unknown to the receivers. Students were excited, nervous, and 100% engaged in the activity. They did their best to respond in Spanish to the phone calls not knowing what the topic would be until they said "Hola". It was a rigorous task and outside-the-box thinking by Kai to get students to engage by adding a cell phone to the lesson.

Kai has also stepped up this year as a literacy team member. He's helping to promote literacy strategies at DHS this year. As always, he's using his classroom as a laboratory to refine his own literacy methods. Later this year, alongside the literacy team, he'll be helping the rest of our staff incorporate structured, student-centered literacy strategies into their teaching."


Great job, Kai!

The Bravo! Award for the week of November 28th went to Riverview ESS Teacher Melissa Halonen. Melissa was nominated by anonymously by a fellow 9-R staff member.

In their nomination they wrote, "Melissa is an incredible asset to all students at Riverview, as she is works tirelessly on their behavior to advocate, support and connect with them.  She goes above and beyond to provide what is best for students in all situations.  She has developed positive and trusting relationships with all her students.  She is an incredible communicator, collaborator and team member. I feel so blessed to work with her. "

Great job, Melissa!

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