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All students within district or charter schools are issued Student IDs. One purpose of the Student IDs is to track students who use our bus transportation options to increase safety, accountability and usage needs. In addition to the primary transportation use of scanning students will also use their student IDs during activity trips, field trips and will be used for the City Transit passes.


Students must have his or her Student ID when riding the bus.



Misplaced Student IDS

Riding the Bus


  • The student will be issued a guest card when they load onto the bus. The student will write their name down as a guest.
  • The student will then scan onto the bus using the guest card.
  • When unloading the student will scan off and return the guest card to the driver.
  • Students will be notified that they need to find their student ID or that they need to go to the office in the school and request a new one.
  • If a student boards the bus on the second day or any day after without their Student ID a guest pass will be issued and the student will be taken to school. In the afternoon if a student attempts to board the bus without their student ID or without proof that one had been ordered the student will be denied a ride home and be told they need to go to the office and call their parent or guardian.


Replacing Student IDS


Students will be responsible for requesting a replacement student ID from their school office should they loose, damage or misplace their student ID, including filling out any required paperwork and paying any fees:


If a Student ID is found to be defective (shows no signs of deliberate damage) it will be replaced at no charge:


  • Students/families will incur a $5.00 charge to replace the student ID at the elementary and middle schools. Durango High School will be charging $10.00 for replacement of student IDs. Schools will collect these fees at the time the replacement is ordered.
  • Students/families must inform their school office of the misplaced ID and to request a new student ID be issued.
  • The school will issue the replacement ID directly to the student once it is created.


Student ID Pictures


All photos for student IDs will be taken at the beginning of the school year. Families will have the option to purchase student photographs directly from the vendor. Please see your school office for more about photo purchase options.

Should a student arrive after October 1 of any given school, a request will be made to the Transportation Department and they will work with the school to arrange the photo and the issues of the student ID.


Issuing Student IDS

Student IDs will be issued directly to students in the fall of the new year. Until new student IDs are issued previous year student IDs will be used for bus service.


Middle Schools and High Schools

Students in middle and high schools will receive their ID directly from their school and will be responsible for the ID. The IDs will be school specific with their school logo, photograph and name. No other identifiable information will be on the card. Students who are regular bus riders will use their student ID to board and disembark from their bus every day. All other students must retain the IDs for use on activity buses for field trips, athletics and activities. Replacement of IDs is subject to the regulations listed above.


Elementary Schools

For elementary schools, IDs will be made for each student and will be distributed to each school. The elementary schools IDs will have a picture of the student and their full name printed on it. The IDs will have the district logo on them but will not designate what school the student attends. Regular elementary school student’s riders will receive an ID with that can be attached to a backpack or somewhere on the student so that IDs are not misplaced. For the students that are not regular bus riders, student IDs will be delivered to the school and will be provided directly to their classroom teacher, or will be held in the school office. When that class has an activity, such as a field trip, the IDs can then be handed out to those students and collected when the activity is over.


If a student that has chosen not to use their photo the IDs or their name, per district and federal privacy policies, the district logo will be the only thing printed on the card.

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