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And the Bravo! Awards Go to...

Leslie Van Lindt
Daniel Blythe and Roger Roots
Brett Wilson with student.
Lori Cheever and her class.
The Bravo! Award for the week of October 3rd went to Leslie Van Lindt, administrative assistant at Animas Valley Elementary. She was nominated by Animas Valley custodian William Baldwin.

In his nomination he wrote, "She is always willing to help, always polite and kind hearted. More often than not she puts her own work aside or on hold to help everyone else and lighten their load. This also means she usually has doubled her work load, but she still has a genuine smile everytime you see her. And I assure you if you have any question about who, what, when, where, or why, and she is unsure, you yourself should start worrying. Without Leslie this place would come to a screeching halt. Thank you for all that you do and keep being you."

Nice job, Leslie!
The Bravo! Award for the week of October 10th went to Transportation Coordinator Daniel Blythe, Lead Mechanic Roger Roots, and DHS Spanish Teacher and Assistant Coach Brett Willson. They were all nominated by DHS cross-country coach David McMIllan.

On their return trip from a cross-country meet in Casa Grande, Arizona, the team's mini-bus, driven by Brett Wilson, broke down south of Payson, Arizona. The 9-R transportation team jumped into action to send a replacement vehicle, start repairs, and return the team safely back to Durango.
In his nomination David wrote, "Daniel Blythe and Roger Roots drove to Payson, Arizona to deliver a suburban to get our team back to Durango. Daniel and Roger probably left Durango at 4am on Sunday morning to do this. They delivered the suburban with enough time to get our team back before dark, and repaired the mini-bus."
"Brett did a tremendous job of trouble shooting when he had broken down. He went "beyond the call of duty" on the side of the road trying to diagnose the problem. He had the kids disembark and moved them to a point of safety off the highway. He was calm and professional throughout. Brett then drove a disabled bus into Payson. Brett did this while remaining calm and collected."

Nice job, guys!
The Bravo! Award for the week of October 17th went to Florida Mesa Elementary teacher Lori Cheever. She was nominated by a fellow 9-R teacher who wished to remain anonymous.

In their nomination, they wrote, "This is Lori's third year teaching 5th grade. She works tirelessly to ensure that her students are thinking and learning. She is always coming up with new and innovative ways to ensure that her students are learning the content, and creating deeper understandings. Lori creates rich learning experiences so her students can live their learning. She is kind and cares deeply for her students, and it shows. All of her students love her. Lori also works closely with her team, helping to create interactive math centers, as well as working to support them in teaching thinking strategies. Lori truly deserves this award."

Congratulations, Lori!
Ann Duft Brian Elvidge and Shaun Smith  
The Bravo! Award for the week of October 24th went to Ann Duft, Administrative Assistant to the Athletics and Activities Director. Ann was nominated by Kyle Montgomery, the Head Athletic Trainer at DHS.

In his nomination he wrote, "Ann is always on point and easy to work with. She is pleasant, honest and a breath of fresh air every day!
Thanks Ann for being a great representation of The Demon Way.
We take CARE of each other
We SUPPORT each other
We are HONEST with each other
We take PRIDE in each other
Congratulations, Ann!
The Bravo! Award for the week of October 31st went to DHS's Shaun Smith who was nominated along with his student Brian Elvidge who receives the Bravo! Junior award. They were both nominated by Florida Mesa Elementary interventionist Shawna Clark.
In her nomination Shawna wrote, "I would like to nominate both a teacher and a student for a Bravo Award (and a Bravo Jr. award). Mr. Shaun Smith (DHS Construction Trades Teacher) and DHS student Brian Elvidge went above and beyond to support Florida Mesa Elementary. I contacted Shaun at the beginning of the year explaining how I needed arithmetic racks to work with kindergarten and first graders. To purchase these racks, it would have cost the school well over a thousand dollars. Instead, without hesitation, Mr. Smith offered to cut boards for us. When I went to pick them up, he shared that Brian also had a little extra time and wanted to help out. We now have five class sets. Not only are the teachers appreciative to have these materials... the students are ecstatic to have these new learning tools. I love when I come in they shout, "Yes! It's time to be 'MATHterpieces'!"
Shaun is not only a Bravo! Award winner, but he was also recognized this past spring as Colorado SkillsUSA 2017 Advisor of the Year.
Congratulations Brian and Shaun!
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