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Fight the Summer Slide with Fun

Summer learning can be as fun as that day at the waterpark you thought of earlier. In fact, learning in the summer can be built into the family trips or vacation days you’ve already planned. Additionally, gathering your family around a book this summer may take your family on a mental vacation that is literally out of this world. The conversations you can have around the dinner table about Narnia, the wizarding world of Harry Potter, or what new Lego creation your child is researching will bring joy and excitement for you and your children. In fact, reading just four to six books over the summer can prevent the summer slide.

Think about what would be fun to learn, think about, and discover with your kids this summer and have fun preventing the summer slide. Here are a few resources to support your quest for summer adventure and learning:

Research and ideas about summer slide: cde.state.co.us/cdelib/summerslide

Durango Public Library  free summer reading programs: durangopubliclibrary.org

Summer Learning Ideas/Resources: summerlearning.org/summer-learning-day/summer-learning-day-resources-families/


There are also many digital resources purchased by Durango 9-R for you to use at school and home. Please reach out to your child’s teacher to attain usernames and passwords for summer access.

In Durango 9-R, we are committed to an education where students own their learning, act on their learning, and impact their community. When we partner with you and other families, the youth in our community will not only escape the summer slide, but will have a summer full of fun and growth. Thank you for your dedication to your child’s growth and success, and for allowing us to partner with you to educate your child for success now and in life beyond school.

Contributed by Dr. Dylan Connell, Director of Elementary Education

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