Educators honored at 2024 DEF Staff Appreciation event

District staff and their families enjoyed Switchback tacos, gift cards, prizes donated by local businesses, and beverages to celebrate their hard work for our students and community. 
DEF Awards crowd
Winners of the 2024 Staff Awards are:
Elementary School: 
  • Stephanie Hoar, Riverview Elementary School
Stephanie Hoar
Middle School:
  • Dory Daniel, Miller Middle School
  • Jenny DiBerardino, Miller Middle School
  • Rob Javier, Escalante Middle School
  • Virginia Hofferber, Miller Middle School
  • Erica Stewart, Escalante Middle School
  • Jamie Wickersham, Miller Middle School
  • Deidre Hiles, Miller Middle School
  • Sarah Margoles, Miller Middle School
DEF Middle School awards
High School:
  • Valeria Skarbek, Durango High School
  • Alex Finley, Durango High School
  • Eva Duce, Escalante Middle School
Eva Duce