English language learner students excel in English language proficiency growth assessments

The CDE uses three categories to rate test results in relation to the state median growth percentile (MGP): Approaching, Meets, and Exceeds.  

Durango High School ELL students' growth on ACCESS was in the Exceeds category, scoring at the 73rd percentile, 23.5 percentile points above the state median. Elementary ELL students' test results Meet the state median for growth, scoring in the 60% percentile, 10 percentile points above the median. 

In addition to the general test results, six Durango students individually showed outstanding growth on ACCESS in 2022.  They all ranked at or above the 95th percentile compared to their ELL peers across the state of Colorado, making them some of the top students in the state in English language proficiency growth.  They are Elda Hernandez Flores and Casey Rodriguez at DHS; Rosy LL at Miller Middle School; and Sara CM, Abril BR and Michelle BR at Park Elementary School. 

 Kira Cunningham, District ELD Specialist, says that these results highlight the brilliance and success of multilingual students in our district who are working across multiple languages and cultures on a daily basis. Their high growth also speaks to the effectiveness and commitment of the schools and teaching teams that work to help Durango’s ELL students succeed. 

While many ELL students quickly learn conversational English, ACCESS measures students' more technical and academic English -- the language and literacy needed for success in academic content classes such as mathematics, science, and social studies as well the workplace and higher education. Learning another language at this level of complexity typically takes 4-7 years or longer and the data shows that Durango students are making exceptional strides in that learning journey. 

ACCESS for ELLs® is large-scale English language proficiency assessment given annually to Kindergarten through 12th graders who have been identified as English language learners (ELLs). It provides educators and parents information about a student's English language proficiency level in the language domains of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.