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School District 9-R Board of Education Mask Survey Message & Results

Unfortunately, this limitation meant that only 1 parent per currently enrolled student received the new survey. This excluded having a parent/guardian respond in both households for students who have 2 homes and also allowed only one parent respond in a single household. We apologize for this situation and will work to find a solution for future surveys.

The survey data that was received showed alignment of all three groups surveyed (students, staff & teachers, parent/guardians) in terms of ranking the options as presented.  The top three choices across all surveyed groups were the same - and in the same order by percent. Please know that while the survey results do not equate to a vote where the majority wins, they do inform the school board and 9-R administration of the opinions in the 9-R community and will be factored in to any vote on changes to masking/COVID-19 protocols.

We appreciate all the feedback we have received to-date. Going forward, the district will be reviewing best practices and methodologies for launching secure surveys with enough unique links to capture a larger group of respondents.

The school board will be discussing and voting on any changes to our COVID response protocols and dress code policy at tonight’s regular board meeting following the scheduled COVID update from local medical professionals and authorities.

School District 9-R Board of Education 

Mask Survey Results

Parent/Guardian Mask Survey Results Click Here

Student Mask Survey Results Click Here

Staff Mask Survey Results Click Here


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