October 4A Bond Updates

The meet and greet was to introduce the local subcontractors and vendors to the 9-R Bond prequalified General Contractors, in order to maximize local participation. The district now has eight Architect/Engineer teams partnered with twelve local firms and seven General Contractors prequalified with three of them being local firms.

A kickoff event to celebrate the beginning of the bond work was held on August 23, 2021 at Buckley Park.

Architect/Engineer team selections have been completed and contract negotiations are under way for:

  • • Bid Package 01 – Miller Middle School
  • • Bid Package 02 – CTE
  • • Bid Package 03 – Secure Vestibules
  • • Bid Package 04 – Roofing assessments and repairs/replacement
  • • Bid Package 05 – Asphalt/Concrete repair/replacement
  • • Bid Package 06 – Durango High School improvements
  • • Bid Package 07 – Needham Elementary School improvements
  • • Bid Package 10 – Park Elementary School improvements
  • • Bid Package 13 – Sunnyside Elementary School improvements


This summer’s construction work included:

  • Bid Package 05 o Park Elementary School received subgrade and parking lot improvements, ADA parking stall improvements, and gas line replacement.
  • Fort Lewis Mesa Elementary School had concrete improvements to sidewalks and a trench drain installed by the playground entrance to improve drainage.

The Citizens Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) has been meeting monthly and Emily Meisner has been appointed chairperson. The CBOC presented a quarterly update to the Board of Education on October 28, 2021.