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Beatrice Mohar

Bea began her career with Durango 9-R in October 2009 as a Substitute.  She worked her way up the ranks from part-time dishwasher at Park Elementary to Cafeteria Manager.  When asked what she loves most about her job, Bea replied, "the people I work with and the kids I serve."
Besides her role as the Florida Mesa Elementary Cafeteria Manager, Bea has also served on the 9-R Safety Committee, the Educational Support Staff DESPA Committee, and the Florida Mesa PTO. She jokingly considers herself a "kid motivator" and "counselor."
Bea takes pride in her work with 9-R.  She enjoys serving fresh fruits and vegetables daily, and she strives to create a pleasing, inviting fresh fruit and salad bar in her cafeteria.
Bea enjoys variety of hobbies including camping, fishing, hunting, and watching movies.  Bea would rather be outdoors than anywhere else.
Fun fact:  Bea is an avid deer and elk hunter!