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A Round of Applause for Our December Bravo! Award Winners

Riverview Assistant Principal Joe Pecorino
The Bravo! Award for the week of December 4th went to Riverview Assistant Principal Joe Pecorino. Joe was nominated by Riverview Paraeducator Joslyn Wyatt.
In her nomination she wrote, "Joe has consistently shown exemplary leadership, while keeping a positive attitude. Joe engages our Riverview families with a friendly greeting every morning while directing traffic. He is caring and compassionate toward our students and staff. Joe heads up our PBIS (Positive behavior instruction and support) team, he promotes  Riverview's PBIS mission to foster a safe and positive school environment, with necessary behavioral supports and positive social culture, to enhance student learning through teaching and recognizing positive behavior while building positive relationships with every student. Mr. Pecorino deserves this recognition for his hard work and dedication throughout the years. I would love to show him how appreciative his staff is for making Riverview and amazing place to work, and a positive environment to educate our children."
Wonderful job, Joe!
9R Transportation Admin Asst Kelsey Isberg and Transportation Director Daniel Blythe
The Bravo! Award for the week of December 10th went to 9-R Transportation's Administrative Assistant Kelsey Isberg and Director Daniel Blythe. They were nominated by the Student Services Division.
In their nomination they wrote, "Both Daniel and Kelsey go above and beyond what most people reasonably expect of them. 
In response to Kids’ Camp parents who were concerned about the amount of time their children spent on the bus going from Sunnyside to Florida Mesa and from Fort Lewis Mesa to Needham, Daniel and his team worked really hard and got very creative to lower that time!
When a child doesn’t show up at Kids’ Camp and we worry they may have gotten on the bus, Kelsey is just as worried as we are and will not quit until she finds the child and has the driver deliver them safely back to their school’s program.
When Audra Snow had to tell parents that she might only have 8 spots at Animas Valley's Kids' Camp in January because of staff turnover, Kelsey (with Daniel’s approval) worked with her to make sure that they could tell parents that, if necessary,  a bus from Animas Valley would deliver children to Gametime at the Boys and Girls Club so that families could remain at work all day and know their children were safe and well cared for.
Furthermore, they always work with our most highly mobile families to ensure transportation to the school of origin from wherever the family may need. This ensures our students, many who are most in need of stability and first instruction, are in school and ready to learn. 
Thank you Daniel and Kelsey, for being our support network!
DHS Spanish Teacher Brett Wilson
The Bravo! Award for the week of December 18th goes to DHS Spanish Teacher Brett Wilson. He was nominated by Crystal Pennington.
In her nomination she wrote, "Although Brett Wilson is not my official mentor, he has acted as one every day, and does so for everyone with whom he comes into contact. He has saved me from last-minute copy machine jams, RANDA confusion, lesson anxiety, and has gotten me excited about lesson planning again. I know he does these same things for everyone around him. On a daily basis, he cheers on his colleagues and students, makes personal connections to students school-wide, and is never short of a good-natured joke. He is also refreshingly positive and can find a solution to just about anything. Brett does it all. Lucky me to have him as a teaching partner, and lucky us at DHS to have him in our midst!"
Nice job, Brett!
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