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Getting to Know You

Each student chose a person in the school to interview and learn about their role in the school. Students asked questions while Student Teacher Patrick Maharrey transcribed the interviewees responses for the students.

The exercise allows students to practice speaking to adults, ask questions, and learn about their school. It also showed students how many caring adults there are in their building, ready to help support students and make sure they have a safe and welcoming place to learn and grow.

Students worked with Ms. Cash and Mr. Maharrey to recall information that describes what their interviewee does at Park. As students are still developing their writing skills, students dictated their learning to the teachers who wrote out their sentences lightly in pencil and students traced over the words with markers.

To accompany their sentence, students created portraits of their chosen staff member. First the class discussed what would constitute high quality work in an illustration they create- they would use more than one color, they would include detail, other people would be able to tell what their picture is, and their picture would tell about their writing. Students began sketching from a photograph of their subject, before outlining in permanent marker and coloring in their portrait with colored pencil.

The finished works have been hung in the hallway for all to see and learn more about the staff at Park Elementary.

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