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A Round of Applause for Our August Bravo! Award Winners

Libby Culver, Supervisor of Early Childhood Education
Our first Bravo! Award for the 2018-2019 school year the week of August 14th went to Libby Culver, Supervisor of Early Childhood Education. Libby was nominated by Jon Hoerl, Principal at Durango High School.
In his nomination he wrote, "I would like to nominate Libby Culver for her leadership and willingness to go above and beyond with the installation of a new infant/toddler center at the high school. In addition to her day to day duties with Early Childhood, Libby has taken the new infant/toddler director under her wing and helped to guide the design, building, coding, equipment order, installation, and general oversight to this project. Being able to offer infant/toddler care to our 9-R employees is a tremendous opportunity for our teachers and staff. We are fortunate for Libby's leadership and cannot thank her enough. Libby is the definition of a team player!"
Nice work, Libby!
Warehouse clerk Kevin Quine
The Bravo! Award for the week of August 21st went to warehouse clerk Kevin QuineKevin was nominated by Lynd Jeter, administrative assistant at Florida Mesa Elementary.
In her nomination she wrote, "On Kevin Quine's first day of delivering mail, he stopped at FME. When he walked in the door to pick up what we had, he saw me struggling with a new white board for the office. The old one was balanced on two hooks that worked fine, but the new one didn't match up.
Kevin saw me trying at attach it to the wall, and took over the project.  In 5 minutes it was done and we were ready for the year.
Thank you Kevin for taking the time to help us out and install the board the safest way for our students, who might be taking a few minutes to refocus on the bench under the board.
It is so nice for someone to lend a hand, without us even having to ask. It truly does take a village."
Nice work, Kevin!
former Florida Mesa and new Escalante Middle School Media Tech Steve Tidwell
The Bravo! Award for the week of August 28th went to former Florida Mesa and new Escalante Middle School Media Tech Steve TidwellSteve was nominated by Kelley Bard, a 9-R substitute and parent.
In her nomination she wrote, "He provided a safe haven for students, viewed them as the fledgling adults they are becoming, and taught an important life lesson in reading for the fun of it. He has been well-loved at Florida Mesa Elementary and I am sure he will attract the same at Escalante. Even as an adult in the school, he made the library the coolest place to hang out. We will miss him."
Congratulations, Steve!
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