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A Round of Applause for Our April Bravo! Award Winners

9-R Bus Driver Rick Callies
The Bravo! Award for the week of April 3rd went to 9-R bus driver Rick Callies. He was nominated by track coach Robin Oliger.
In her nomination she wrote, "Our bus driver, Rick Callies, went above and beyond his normal driving job. He drove our DHS indoor track team to Albuquerque on January 20. On the return trip, we hit a snow storm. He was a rock star getting us home safe and sound. His treatment of the high school athletes was phenomenal. He was kind and funny, traits that they enjoy! I feel that Rick would be an excellent candidate for the Bravo award."
Great job, Rick!
Fort Lewis Elementary PE Teacher Chrysti Crittenden
This Bravo! Award for the week of April 10th went to Fort Lewis Elementary PE teacher Chrysti Crittenden. She was nominated by third grade teacher Annie Philips.
In her nomination she wrote, "Chysti Crittenden is such an important asset to our Fort Lewis Mesa team and we are very lucky to have her! She is an ambitious leader serving on our school leadership team and representing our school in DEA. In addition, she has an outstanding rapport with all of our staff. Every week she makes a point to touch base with the teachers at our school to see how she can support us in science and technology. While teaching science, technology, and PE she holds our students to high expectations and her dedication shines through her teaching. I know I am not alone in thinkingwe are very spoiled having her! "
Great job, Chrysti!
Paraprofessional Korinne OrrisParaprofessional Natasha Rodriquez
The Bravo! Award for the week of April 17th went to Paraprofessionals Korinne Orris and Natasha Rodriquez at Florida Mesa Elementary. They were nominated by Audra Snow.
In her nomination she wrote, "In October several Kids' Camp staff had illnesses and or emergencies and we had a large number of absences. I was unable to find enough subs to cover all of the absences (I was one of the subs) and was facing the possibility of having to close Kids' Camp at Florida Mesa for the day because it is against state law to have only one staff member when there are more than nine children. This would have negatively affected the 30 families who had their children enrolled after school that day.  

Natasha and Korrine work full time as paraprofessionals at Florida Mesa, and even knowing they would be tired after their full work day they stepped up and volunteered to stay to help when they were done with their school day.  Because of them, those 30 families did not have to disrupt their work schedules.

Thank you Natasha and Korinne for putting forth that something extra to help out your Florida Mesa families.  You are very much appreciated!!"
Great job, Natasha and Korinne!
School Social Worker Teresa Jennings
The Bravo! Award for the week of April 24th went to School Social Worker Teresa Jennings. She was nominated by School Psychologist Sarah Brooks and School Social Worker Sarah Schreiber. 
In their nomination they wrote, "Teresa is an invaluable member of the School Social Work Department and to the teams with whom she works. She balances a caseload of students at Durango High School while also supporting numerous teams within the district. Her work with students is her priority, and she develops strong relationships with ease. Teresa takes the initiative to participate in professional development opportunities and then is willing to present her newfound knowledge to her colleagues. She has specialized in working on trauma and attachment issues over the past couple years since those have become prevalent issues with which students are struggling. She has shown a high interest in neuro-science and in learning about how different experiences impact the brain, and she has utilized this new knowledge to support the development of interventions that are appropriate for students. Teresa has displayed a significant amount of initiative in working with school and ancillary staff to develop interventions that are trauma-informed and include mindful practices, psycho-education, using restorative language, and incorporating sensory interventions for students. Recently, Teresa has undergone training through NMT to learn how to conduct brain mapping with students in order to inform intervention. Her willingness to share this knowledge across the district has been invaluable. She is a joy to work with, brings a positive attitude to each situation, and displays an ever-willingness to provide support where needed."
Great job, Teresa!
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