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Animas Valley Team Makes it to Global Competition

“I thought our performance went well,” said Oliver. “Our team is a great problem-solving team and we have a lot of good ideas.”

Good ideas are critical to participants’ success. Parents, teachers, and even the team coach are strictly prohibited from offering suggestions and giving answers to participants during any of the competitions or throughout the course of their preparation.
“This is an amazing group of kids,” said coach Brett Bronson. “They all have very different perspectives, but always find a way to work together to solve any challenges. I am very proud of their creativity, determination and humor, but I'm most proud of their teamwork.”
“Our team really works well together, while having a blast,” agreed Bronson’s youngest son, Holden.
Bronson has coached each of his three sons during their fourth and fifth grade years. This year marks the end of the Bronson coaching era, but the first time a Bronson has qualified for the Global Finals. The last time a Durango team was represented at the international event was in 2015.
“I think that our performance last weekend was outstanding for our team and the teamwork was phenomenal,” said Bronson. “Now we’re focusing on doing the best our team can do, and we want to show that a small town like Durango can compete on the global level.”
Next, team DI-DI-OH has a new problem to solve, it will take roughly $12,000 for the seven Durango students and their coach to travel, stay, and compete at the Finals. Part of the Destination Imagination experience is fundraising; the team did bake sales and received grants for supplies and competition entries. Now, the 5th grade students are coming together to determine ways to raise money. The community is invited to follow them on Instagram with @di_globals_ to learn about their progress in raising the needed funds and preparing for the Global Finals. The competition, which will feature 1,400 teams from 45 U.S. states and 14 countries, takes place in Knoxville, Tennesee in May.
In the meantime, the team continues to fine tune their presentation while anticipating what might happen next.
“I hope we can successfully complete our maze, have fun and get in the top 8 at Globals,” said Glaser.
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