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Long-Range Planning Committee Helps the District Plan for the Future

Durango School District 9-R has brought together community members representing the City of Durango, 9-R staff, Fort Lewis College, local business owners, and parents to make recommendations to the Superintendent and Board of Education around capital needs. The committee will propose a master plan for the district covering building maintenance, safety measures, new facilities or renovations, and funding opportunities, with both a 5-year and a 10-year plan.
In the first committee meeting, 9-R Supervisor of Facilities Ed Webb presented the group with an overview of the current state of facilities and capital project needs. He presented the group with the replacement value and condition budget for each school. Replacement values are the estimated cost to replace the entire building, while condition budgets represent the estimated cost of making repairs and renovations to everything that needs to be replaced or improved in the building.
The committee also reviewed the Facility Conditions Index (FCI) for all 9-R schools. This number gauges the overall condition of the building with 1 indicating that a building that would need to be completely replaced; and 0 indicates that the building is in brand-new, pristine condition. The last year that all 9-R buildings were evaluated be the Colorado Department of Education was 2013. In that year, FCIs for 9-R schools ranged from .02-.44. Since then, five more schools have been evaluated. In the 2018 evaluations, for example, FCIs ranged from.25 to .65, which means respectively that .25 is 25% of the school needs replacements and/or improvements, and .65 is 65% of the school needs replacements and/or improvements. Riverview received an FCI of .25, which was built in 2004, and Escalante Middle School received a .65, which was built in 1994, and had some renovations in 2004.
After receiving the overview of current facilities, the committee members identified goals and future needs for the district. Safety and security was a theme that came to the forefront for goals, while community growth and space for career and technical education were both identified as a focus for future needs.
The Long-Range Planning Committee will meet on a monthly basis. The next meeting will take place on Thursday, April 26th in the 9-R Board Room at 12:30pm. To learn more about this committee, email info@durangoschools.org and visit our the Long-Range Planning Committee page in our About Us section of our website.

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