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A Round of Applause for Our March Bravo! Award Winners

Student Services Senior Administrative Assistant Heather Pyeatt

The Bravo! Award for the week of March 6th went Student Services Senior Administrative Assistant Heather Pyeatt. She was nominated by After School Enrichment Program Supervisor Audra Snow.

In her nomination she wrote, "Heather is an amazing addition to the 9-R team.  She is willing to help out wherever needed, including Kids' Camp. She volunteered to help twice, at two different schools, when we were short staffed and said "I know I don't work in one of the school buildings, but I work for the school district and those kids are all of our kids. What can I do to help?"


She routinely makes her way around to the different Student Services departments in the administration building to check in with people to see how they are doing and to offer her assistance. She has made herself available to me (and I'm sure others) on several occasions to help with budgets, POs, journal entries, etc.


Her calm demeanor, thoughtful way of solving problems, and caring nature make her a fabulous person to work with, 9-R is very fortunate to have her on board!"

Awesome job, Heather!

Shared School Coordinator Becky Wigton

The Bravo! Award for the week of March 13th went to Shared School Coordinator Becky Wigton. She was nominated by Shared School parent Lauren Huggins.

In her nomination she wrote, "We moved to Durango 4.5 years ago and were delighted to hear of the option of Shared School. We have always homeschooled and we appreciated this opportunity. All four of our children have been students in Ms. Wigton's class. My youngest daughter has been in her class for 3 years.


I have the highest recommendation for Ms. Wigton. To begin with, she really holds the Shared School program together on an organizational level as well as a personal level. As a teacher, she has always treated our children with the great respect, patience, and kindness. She honors the individual needs of the students and meets them where they are at. She is consistent and steady which provides safety for students. Her classroom activities are pertinent and age appropriate, while also challenging students' skills and expanding their knowledge. My children have all really enjoyed being in her classroom. I have witnessed her day after day, greet her students and all their family members, by name, making sure that she didn't miss anyone. We really can't say enough about the value that Ms. Wigton adds to Durango School District 9-R. We are thankful for her presence at Shared School."

Awesome job, Becky!

Sunnyside Elementary preschool teacher Geriann Campbell

The Bravo! Award for the week of March 20th went to Sunnyside Elementary preschool teacher Geriann Campbell. She was nominated by kindergarten teacher Tina Henderson.

In her nomination she wrote, "Geriann Campbell is a team player not only for Sunnyside staff but to the families she supports. She works hard to make sure her class and school have everything they needs. She is involved in many after school activities, is on the Wellness and Social Committee, helps out at every concert, fundraiser or after school activity even if it does not involve her class. Annually Geri volunteers to watch the preschoolers and kindergarten families, in the evening, so they can attend a Love and Logic parenting class given by Libby Culver. This class lasts for 5-6 weeks and it over a two-hour class nightly. Geri even helps out during her planning period every Monday to help with a need for a recess duty teacher at our school for the elementary aged students! Geri works with parents to offer support and guidance with challenges their child may be facing. She has even offered after school playtime with families to offer advice and help with sibling rivalry and help parents learn to clarify behavior expectations. She is always willing to lend a hand.

Our youngest learners are in very capable hands! Students who are fortunate enough to be here, get a great start in Mrs. Geri's class. She works hard to care for all their needs, socially, emotionally and academically. Geri works hard to find the balance keeping children learning and engaged while having fun and provides strong routines and structures to provide security! Geri provides a dynamic learning atmosphere that includes lots of play too! Her hands-on learning centers include some repetition with letters, sounds, numbers and even writing. They have a strong alphabetic knowledge that supports the things they need to know in kindergarten. Having a class of three and four year olds can be busy but Geri is full of laughter and giggles to keep the atmosphere of her busy class light.

She is a great professional who works very hard at school, with her class and families."

Great job Geri!

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