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A Round of Applause for Our December Bravo! Award Winners

Florida Mesa Elementary Kindergarten Teacher Mary Duthie-Wood   Animas Valley Elementary Interventionist Jackie Bonanno  
The Bravo! Award for the week of December 5th went to Florida Mesa Elementary Kindergarten Teacher Mary Duthie-Wood who was nominated by Behavior Specialist Jane Dally.
In her nomination, Jane wrote, "I do many observations of children in classrooms around the district, and related to that teachers and their interactions with children. And, Mary demonstrates some of the most skilled teaching I have seen!
She is absolutely calm, kind and even-keeled with her students always. She balances in amazingly adept ways the needs of individual students, while also attending to and meeting the needs of the entire group.
She incorporates, in very practical and embodied ways, not only effective teaching techniques, but also an excellent understanding of socio-emotional learning and delivers both expertly and simultaneously.
I can say without hesitation, that Mary is one of the most skilled, as well as heart-centered, teachers I have ever met. What a gift she is to her students!
Great job, Mary!
The Bravo! Award for the week of December 12th went to Animas Valley Elementary Interventionist Jackie Bonanno who was nominated anonymously.
In their nomination, they wrote, "Jackie is a dedicated math specialist at Animas Valley who has a deep passion for math and opening up math for all students. She believes opening up math means to allow all students to see themselves as mathematicians who can reach high levels of understanding and achievement.

As a math specialist, Jackie collaborates with 2nd-5th grade classroom teachers to develop and reinforce positive math messages, classroom norms, and brain research.
To honor this collaboration time, she shares ideas to support her beliefs about students:
  • everyone can learn math to high levels
  • mistakes and struggles are valuable and make our brains grown
  • math is a visual, open, connected, and creative subject
  • speed is not important;
  • depth and understanding are believing in yourself
  • changes what you are able to accomplish
  • math is about learning, not performing

As Jackie says, “There is a clear and pressing need for big changes in math education, and I want to be part of this change” and she is! Jackie, along with Sam Lovato and Cathy Mewmaw have hosted math PLC’s at Animas Valley providing teachers with resources and new ideas to implement rich tasks in their own classrooms. Additionally, Jackie has opened up her classroom twice for district teachers to come observe, collaborate, and take back resources to their own classrooms. Jackie’s love for math and dedication to students shows in her classroom where students have mathematical freedom, show productive struggle through open tasks, and develop discourse showcasing clear student ownership!
Thanks for sharing your passion with others Jackie!
Great job, Jackie!
The Bravo! Award for the week of December 19th went to Transportation's Administrative Assistant Kelsey Isberg, who was nominated by Escalante Middle School Administrative Assistant Tami Jantz.
In her nomination Tami wrote, "Kelsey is ready to help any time you call her. She is quick and efficient in her responses and always cheerful. She never let's you know she is too busy to help (even though we know she is!). Kelsey is very organized and has a keen eye for details. We appreciate the work she does to keep our students coming to school, going to events, and returning home every day. She is a true reflection of the GREAT Transportation Department of 9-R!"
Great job, Kelsey!
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