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A Round of Applause for Our September Bravo! Award Winners

The Bravo! Award for September 5th went to Big Picture High School advisors Christopher Calagias and Chantey Webbe. They were nominated by Needham Elementary PARA Jennifer Latham.
In her nomination, Jennifer wrote, "For Christopher and Chantey, teaching didn't end when the 2016-17 school year did like it does for most teachers. These two dedicated, caring, compassionate educators collaboratively dedicated the first month of their summer break to continue working with a group of students during summer school at Big Picture, ensuring that they remain on the path to high school success. In the case of two seniors in particular who missed achieving a June 1 graduation, they put their hearts into seeing that at the end of June, those two young men joined the rest of the Class of 2017 in leaving Big Picture with their high school diplomas in hand.Chantey and Christopher even went a step further and put together a special send-off for the two graduates with a celebration with their summer school peers, other teachers and staff, outgoing Principal Alain Henry and their families to commemorate their achievement, speaking to each individual's perseverance in reaching that milestone. I know that helping keep these students on track did not come without its share of challenges, but they never gave up hope and for that, I cannot thank them (and all of the BIg Picture staff) enough as I am the mother of one of those two summer graduates. I appreciate them and all they have done for their students so much!!!"
Nice job, Christopher and Chantey!
The Bravo! Award for September 19th went to Fort Lewis Mesa Elementary resource teacher Savannah Styers. She was nominated by Autumn Frickel, the school counselor at Fort Lewis Mesa.
In her nomination Autumn wrote, "Savannah is in her 2nd year as our resource teacher and goes above and beyond every single day.  She has a special gift of relating to students even when they are upset.  Savannahcommunicates and collaborates with staff members on a regular basis and has a trusting relationship with us all. Savannah puts her heart into her work and it shows!"
Great job, Savannah!
The Bravo! Award for September 26th went to Bus Driver David Monie. He was nominated by Coach David McMillan and his cross-country team for going above and beyond to serve the team on a recent trip to Alamosa.
In the nomination they wrote, "David drove us to Alamosa on Friday afternoon and was released from his duties at 5pm. Our coaches took the team to do a pre-meet for a couple of hours. One of our parents had taken the responsibility of preparing dinner. She was anticipating assistance from a couple of other parents, but this did not materialize.
When we returned from our pre-meet, David was in the camp kitchen preparing dinner for our team. He had been busy for a couple of hours at least. As dinner was being served, David kept preparing the pasta, bread and sauce. He then dived in and helped with the clean-up.
In the morning, David was up early and once again jumped in to help with the breakfast prep, this despite not taking my offer of coffee. How does that man operate at 6:30 am without coffee?
In all seriousness, we were completely blown away by David's generosity and selfless actions on this trip."
Wonderful job, David!
All Bravo! Award recipients are entered into a drawing for a $100 gift card to the Ore House. One gift certificate is given out each month. Bravo! Award nominators are eligible for a monthly drawing for a $25 gift card to Zia Taqueria. Thank you to the Ore House and Zia Taqueria for donating these fantastic prizes!
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