Trails leading to Miller Middle School will close in late June

There are three reasons for the trail closures: 

  • Safety and security. The new school is designed with main entry and exit points so that staff can monitor the coming and going of students, staff and visitors. 
  • New pick-up/drop-off. The closed trails currently dead end into unused space on the Miller campus. When the new campus opens, there will be vehicular traffic in these areas during morning/afternoon rush. This will cause a significant safety concern that was not there before.
  • Respect for neighbors. The closure prevents noise concerns and protects the privacy of residents who live along West 28th Street, where two of the bike trails began.

Our district is a strong advocate for Bike to School programs and encourages a clean commute for the health of our community. To mitigate the loss of the closed bike trails, the City of Durango may be considering improving Junction Street to make it more bike/walk-friendly. The district plans to add new bike racks at the school: two at the new drop-off loop and two near the bus loop entry doors.

“We know that these trails have been used for many years, and some families are concerned about losing a shortcut to the Miller campus,” said Chris Coleman, Chief Operations Officer for the district. “We appreciate everyone’s ability to adapt to the new building, recognize the safety benefits, and plan to adjust their route to school if they choose to ride a bike or walk.”


Bike Trail Closure at Miller Middle SChool