DHS 2024 Graduation Ceremony Details

Date and Time:

  • Graduation is on Friday, May 24, 2024, at 6 pm.

  • We expect the ceremony to run for 90 minutes

  • Spanish translation audio services are available; look for the designated seating section at the north end of the bleachers.

  • Graduating seniors are required to report to the Main Gym by 4:45pm. Please emphasize to your graduate the importance of punctuality.

student in cap and gown decorated with cultural regala

Location and Parking: 

Due to May 24 being a full school day with a normal release time for students at 3:40pm, we are asking for your cooperation to allow a normal school and bus release and exit before allowing incoming graduation attendees to park.

  • Gates and parking open no earlier than 4:30pm for guests. NO early arrivals will be allowed and will be asked to leave campus.

  • Due to limited space, we encourage carpooling and parking off-site .

  • Parking for ADA and those with guests needing extra time to arrive is located in the lot in front of the IMPACT center (a.k.a. the current drop off circle) and requires an event-specific dashboard permit, which you can request HERE. This special, DHS-issued, permitted parking is available until the lot and drop off driveway is full.

  • You may also choose to drop off guests in front of the Impact center until this lot is full. Drop off will only be available at this lot. 

  • All access to the ceremony is through the main DHS entrance. Please note that bags will be checked upon entry for security purposes. To expedite this process, we recommend clear bags.


Seat Saving and Student Access: 

  • Only DHS students will be allowed to save seats before 4:30 pm. We recommend using blankets tapes to the bleacher. No coolers or backpacks may be left unattended in the Stadium. Students must access the stadium through the front and cafeteria doors. All other seating is on a first come first serve basis.

  • All seating is open at 4:30 pm. DHS and Durango School District 9R is not responsible for any materials left for reservation purposes. 

  • Considering that the Stadium will not be open longer than 90-minutes before the event, you may want to plan to occupy your seats upon arriving for the duration of the event. 

What to Bring:

  • Prepare for the weather. Bring a hat, sunscreen, and a water bottle for sunny conditions. A jacket is also advisable as temperatures may drop after the sun sets.

  • Feel free to pack snacks to keep you energized during the ceremony.

students in caps  and gowns walking in line

Celebration Guidelines:

  • While we encourage enthusiastic support for our graduates, please help us to create an atmosphere of respect and dignity throughout the ceremony.

  • Air horns, bells, or other loud noise-making devices are not permitted as they can disrupt the proceedings and detract from the experience for others.

  • We ask that you silence all electronic devices during the ceremony to minimize distractions.

Additional Information and reminders:

  • Restrooms at Door 34 at the south end of the stadium concourse and portable toilets at the north end of the concourse are available throughout the ceremony.

  • In case of any emergency or need for assistance, our staff will be readily available to help. Look for volunteers wearing bright pink “Need Help” shirts, including emergency response and law enforcement personnel and a very limited number of wheelchairs.

  • This is a school event; do not bring alcohol, tobacco, firearms, or any prohibited items according to our stadium policies, which prohibit alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and confetti.

  • Please do not bring items that would not otherwise be allowed on school property. Bags. No coolers will be permitted in the stadium.

Student in graduation gown

After Graduation:

  • Diplomas must be picked up in the cafeteria at the end of the ceremony as you exit the event.

  • Graduates who opt not to participate can collect their diplomas from the Registrar’s Office after May 27.