District shows positive growth in 2024 TLCC Survey

The TLCC survey is facilitated by Colorado Department of Education (CDE) and done in partnership with Colorado Education Association (CEA) and Colorado Association of School Executives (CASE).
Initiated through HB08-1384, the Teaching and Learning Conditions in Colorado (TLCC) survey is a statewide, anonymous survey intended to support school, district, and state improvement planning, as well as research and policy. This survey was open to all school-based educators, Education Support Professionals who serve in instruction-based roles, and building leaders across Colorado.
There were 431 Durango School District 9-R staff members who completed the TLCC this year. Our district performed well against other school districts across the state. While there are areas of growth to work on, the district shows positive growth and an increase of 1-9% in several categories, including:
  • 99% positive response to Support for Staff - Leaders. Unique to building leaders, these questions ask about leader support provided to staff.

  • 90% positive response on District Supports - Leaders: Unique to building leaders, these questions ask about their impressions of the level of district support for the school.

  • 86% positive response on Community Support and Involvement. This construct summarizes the school's approach to family and community support and engagement.

  • 85% positive response on State of Colorado - Facilities and Resources. This construct focuses on student class size, instructional resources, and safety.
Some questions received 100% positive responses for our district, including: 
  • Q.7: My school receives instructional resources on par with other schools in the district.

  • Q.8: The district involves principals in decisions that directly impact the operations of their school.

  • Q.9: District leadership takes steps to solve problems.
View the public results for the 2024, 2022, and 2020 TLCC surveys, as well as the results of the state level Teacher Recruitment and Retention (2024-TRR) survey.

View detailed results for our district in the Durango 9-R TLCC 2024 dashboard.