Students' work dazzles at CTE Capstone Showcase

Throughout this semester, level 4 Capstone students in Engineering, Design & Multimedia Arts, Computer and Digital Technologies, and Health Science have been engaged in independent projects that range from designing and testing homemade rockets, to creating a children's book that explores the range of healthcare professions. These presentations provided an opportunity for each student to highlight their talents, and demonstrate the skills they have developed.  

DYLAN ARAUJO AND TAJ PRUETT: DIY Go-Kart – The Pursuit of Every Kid’s Dream
To explore the overlapping skills of Engineering and Welding, Taj and Dylan chose to pursue a long-standing dream: creating a DIY Go-Kart from scratch. From learning to source (and scavenge) all of the key elements of the design, while also learning to weld along the way, this team demonstrates the creativity and ingenuity of the Design Process in their pursuit of a functional final product.
BRYAN HASTEY: DIY Welder & Model Rocketry
Bryan’s initial goal for his Capstone Project was to develop his skills in welding. In order to accomplish this task, however, he decided to use recycled electronics to create his own welder. From a pile of old appliances to a functional tool, Bryan gets a taste of the design processes and refinement involved in the construction and testing of a homemade stick welder. And from there, some model rockets were included for good measure.
Rydin Hill presents flat-pack chair

RYDIN HILL: Flat Pack Chair
In wanting to take his knowledge of 3D modeling in Solidworks to the next level, Rydin chose to design a “flat-pack” chair within Solidworks that could be cut out of plywood using the CNC machine. This project highlights the process of redesign, with numerous prototypes tested with the laser cutter. Designed to be space efficient when not in use, this chair will hopefully accompany Rydin when he leaves for university.

From early projects to the conception and creation of Demon Graphics, these capstone students chose to share their journey through the Design & Multimedia Arts pathway as student graphic designers at DHS.
Heidi Clay with rocket

HEIDI CLAY: Rock on Rockets: Utilizing CAD to Create Custom Rockets
For her Capstone Project, Hiedi set out to learn Solidworks for advanced 3D modeling, while also pursuing her passion for Aerospace Design. The result has been a series of model rockets that have been designed, built, tested, and refined using CAD software and 3D printing, with each iteration of these custom rockets soaring to new heights.

SAVANNAH MALEAN & ADDE NEIMAN: Healthcare Professions Children’s Book “I could be a ...”
For their Capstone Project, Savannah and Adde chose to create a children’s book that explores a multitude of healthcare professions ranging from a medical manager, EMT, dentist and many more. Combining skills in graphic design with knowledge of healthcare professions, this book displays an array of colorful visuals with important life skills children must learn.

ENZO GUGLIELMO: Balancing Pendulum
For his Capstone Project, Enzo explored a diverse range of engineering skills, and combined his knowledge of Computer Engineering, coding, 3D modeling, and iterative design in order to create a self balancing pendulum. Designed in Solidworks and 3D printed at DHS, while also making use of scavenged hardware, Arduino boards, and magnetic encoders, the final product should be a “balance” of months of design and iteration.

Cooper Gray, an 11th grade student with a passion for engineering and design, set out to create his own ski bike for his Capstone Project, built entirely from repurposed household objects. After extensive testing and problem-solving, Cooper managed to refine the ski bike for optimal performance, creating a solid foundation to expand upon for next year’s ski season. From a garage to the snowy mountain, the design cycle involved in making this project come to life is truly inspiring.