Dr. Karen Cheser's Fall Message to Families

With all of us working towards the vision of our Portrait of a Graduate, including strong content mastery, our school district continues to rise in state rankings and has a very positive perception in our community and state.  We are abundantly grateful for everything our staff, students, and YOU are doing to make this happen!

Our ranking as a district has improved from #69 to #24 in the Niche.com rankings and we are only one of three districts in the state over 1,000 students that has improved in both English Language Arts and math scores since the pandemic, continuing to rise to the top 20% in the state. We have so much to celebrate! (Your review is important to us and takes just a few minutes. Click here and type "Durango School District 9-R".)

We need your input and involvement to continue to get better!  Please consider serving on our Superintendent’s Parent Advisory Council.  We also are recruiting for our Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council (all grades).  Submit information at the following links if you-and/ or your child- are interested in being on a Council.  We meet once a month and plan actions based on the groups’ ideas.

Again, thank you for your encouragement, support, and dedication to your children’s future.




Superintendent’s Parent/ Guardian Advisory Council

Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council