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Durango School District Embraces AI In Education

Across elementary and middle schools, innovative tools like Adobe Firefly's generative AI artwork are fostering creativity by enhancing writing projects.

Teachers at Escalante are harnessing the power of Diffit to tailor texts to the unique needs of each student, ensuring a personalized and inclusive educational environment.

District-wide, educators are benefiting from AI companions like ChatGPT and Magic School AI to streamline the creation of instructional materials, such as rubrics, questions, and exemplars.

Even English students at DHS are reaping the rewards, using Adobe Podcast's "Enhance with AI" feature to refine their speeches for scholarship contests.

Furthermore, administrators and staff are employing AI with tools like Scribe to simplify the creation of step-by-step how-to guides.

Not to be left behind, Escalante's math teachers are adding excitement to their classrooms by incorporating Quizziz's new AI component, which generates engaging review games to gamify the math learning experience.

These examples illuminate how AI is becoming an indispensable ally in K-12 education, enhancing learning, fostering inclusivity, and fostering innovation.