Board of Education Simplifies Public-Comment Process

  • Anyone is welcome to provide a public comment.
  • Those who wish to provide public comment must attend the meeting in person.
  • Regular board meetings are generally held on the fourth Tuesday of the month in the District Office Boardroom, 201 E. 12th St., through the fall. Meetings will likely move to the new Impact Career Innovation Center building at the Durango High School campus, 2390 Main Ave., by January 2024. To confirm the location of each meeting, please visit our Board Meetings page.
  • Public participants may add their name to a printed sign-in sheet between 5:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. The sign-in sheet will be available at the entry of the meeting room.
  • Sign-up is limited to 10 speakers, and registration is first-come, first-served.
  • Each speaker will be given 3 minutes (timed) to address the Board.
  • Public comment will be open for 30 minutes at regular meetings. Public comment is not included in the board’s work sessions.As a courtesy for evening attendees, the board will work to schedule public participation at the beginning of the meeting unless otherwise noted in the agenda.
  • Board members will listen with respect, and those who address the board are expected to do the same.
  • If a response is needed, the board president will indicate how district staff will follow up on concerns. Some issues may be referred to the superintendent for further study or action; or they may be deferred to a future board meeting. The board president or superintendent may report on items previously raised in public participation that required follow-up.
The new public comment process will begin at the Aug. 29, 2023 Regular Meeting, and may be changed by the Board of Education if needed. All Regular Meetings are live-streamed, and the meeting recordings are later shared on the district's YouTube channel. Work sessions are audio-recorded, but they are not live-streamed.

Board of Education Do's and Don'ts for Giving Public Comment


  • Complete the public comment form. All required sections must be completed in order to address the board.
  • Utilize the district complaint handling process prior to addressing the board for operational issues
  • Introduce yourself and where you are from. If you are speaking on behalf of an organization, identify the organization and your association.
  • If speaking to a specific agenda item, limit your remarks to the subject of the agenda item and avoid repeating what others have said.
  • Be brief, to the point, and concise.
  • As a policy-making body we ask you to reference policy when possible. Policies can be found here.


  • Expect the board to answer questions you may have.
  • Attempt to argue or debate with the board.
  • Discuss personnel matters with the board. This should be done in private with the chair and/or vice-chair of the board.