Students and Staff Needed to Cultivate New Green Teams

What is a Green Team?
The purpose of a Green Team is to create a group of dedicated school leaders and students who are committed to promoting and implementing the school’s sustainability plan. While outreach to the general student population should be ongoing, having a green team provides a forum for interested students to implement projects.

What do Green Teams do?
Students have an opportunity for hands-on learning and fostering creativity and organization to achieve environmental goals. Ron Reed, 9-R’s manager of custodial services and coordinator of the program, says Green Teams will work on continuing and increasing the current single-stream program at all sites. They may also create new programs, such as battery collection, carton recycling, composting, gardens, and water conservation. Resources may be provided to help students create and work on school site issues and concerns. “All of these programs will be centered around the students being able to take the knowledge and programs home and not just work them at school,” said Reed.

How can I get involved?
Encourage students to sign up to be on the Green teams using this online form. Staff help is also needed to support the program. An application process will be available for the start of next school year, with the goal of having at least one staff member in each building who is willing to help guide students on the team and meet with them a minimum of every two weeks as an afterschool program. All school Green Teams will meet together jointly on a monthly basis to discuss what options and resources are needed. “Having staff apply helps ensure we find people who are passionate about these issues,” said Reed.

How is the community supporting Green Teams?
Local nonprofits and vendors are being approached for sponsorships to help support the program. This might include bringing gas trucks to school, having field trips to the recycle center collection and separation station, funding, equipment, or tools to help monitor electrical usage. 

  • Click HERE for the student sign-up form. 
  • For more information, email [email protected] 
  • To print and display the Green Teams poster, open the file here