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COVID-19 Response Summary - 2.5.21

We are pleased to note that our community transmission rates continue to decline and we are hopeful we will continue to see positive movement on the dial. We thank you and our entire community for their continued efforts to support mitigation strategies and keep our kids in school!

The Return to Learn Task Force, as well as district leaders, continue to look at the revisions needed to the Return to Learn Plan, and will be meeting next week to work on finalizing a draft for the community. Additionally, last week the District released an updated Return to In-Person Learning Matrix, which shows our district’s plan for returning to school compared to the State’s Roadmap to In-Person Learning, as well as key points around the phase in process, updated mitigation strategies and anticipated timelines. You may find the Matrix HERE.

Elementary students returned on January 11, and secondary school students returned on February 1.  Since that time, we have had 17 instances of quarantines involving cohorts at Durango High School, Escalante Middle School, Needham Elementary, Park Elementary, Miller Middle School and Florida Mesa Elementary. The new PPE guidelines and practices have prevented us from having to quarantine all students, as well as has prevented us from having to quarantine any staff due to exposure at school. This is greatly helpful in our ongoing mitigation efforts which will allow us to keep schools open for the remainder of the year.

We remind families to continue to practice the three W’s, both inside and outside of school, which are: wash your hands, wear your mask, and watch your distance.

Our COVID-19 Data Dashboard contains current information on processes and procedures in relation to the response to the virus, as well as frequently accessed forms on quarantine processes, physician forms for returning to school and scheduling tests.  Our COVID-19 Supports page, which is linked from every For Families section on all school sites, is a repository of messaging and important documents, as well as links to community resources, related to the response to COVID.

Thanks again for your continued support and we look forward to increasing the time and days that we can serve students in our schools as our community continues to see positive trends in regards to the virus in our area.

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