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Durango 9-R Food Services - Building New Partnerships to Deepen Community Connections

Rez Meetz Urban Zesty Salsa, owned and operated by Justin Matheson, is a small salsa company that uses CJ’s kitchen in Durango to prepare the salsa for sale to local entities. They have been in operation since 2015 and were founded because there “wasn’t anything original with high quality ingredients in the area.” So Justin decided to share the recipe with friends and family. With the right feedback and encouragement, he started this small business. Justin prepares about 50-60 gallons of salsa per week.  Rez Meetz Urban Zesty Salsa sources through distributors or local grocers and has a line of organic salsa.

The product was taste tested and approved by our Durango 9-R students and is served with our tacos each month.  It is no wonder that our students love this product because it is made with fresh ingredients.  

In addition to finding this wonderful local product to put in our school cafeterias, you can also find Rez Meetz Urban Zesty Salsa in Nature's Oasis, PJs Market, Bayfield Grocery Store, PND in Mancos, Farmers Market in Flora Vista, and Roadhouse Market.

Without a doubt kids love pizza. In Durango School District 9-R we strive to serve kids healthy meals as well as provide items kids want to eat.  We offer pizza to students every Friday, and beginning this school year we are proud to collaborate with Wise Pies Pizza out of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  They are a minority owned company that is that is run by women who are proud to support the regional economy and buy local initiatives. They began in the school market by working concessions at the University of New Mexico.  With the success of concessions, they decided to work with the USDA to formulate the pizza to meet the regulations of the National School Lunch Program. The pizza is prepared with a roasted red pepper marinara, no fillers, and 100% natural cheese. They use all nitrite free, uncured lower fat pepperoni. Each serving has less carbs and less saturated fat than the competition.  They are proud to be free from the 101 artificial preservatives and ingredients not allowed in any natural foods department item. Wise Pies Pizza was taste tested and approved by our 9-R students.

Living in Durango most people are familiar with Zuberfizz Soda Company.  Business partners Banden Zuber and Dan Aggeler began brewing in college and eventually became commercial Brewmasters and founded Zuberfizz in 2002.  Banden and Dan wanted to create a soda made with the highest quality ingredients.  The USDA doesn’t allow the sale of soda to students during the school day so the school district partners with Zuberfizz to sell fountain flavored bubbly water in the Demon Deli inside Durango High School.  Zuberfizz traditionally bottles their soda in glass bottles so the fountain drink market is relatively new to the business.  The flavors currently available to students are cucumber, grapefruit, coconut and lemongrass basil. A 22 oz cup is sold for $1.00.  The partners are looking to develop a soda formula containing cane sugar and Stevia, creating a reduced calorie alternative that meets the Healthy Beverage Regulations that guide beverage sales in Schools.  Students, stay tuned for Zuberfizz Reduced Root Beer to be offered in the Demon Deli!

To learn more about our food services programs and offers, visit our website at durangoschools.org/nutrition/.