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A Round of Applause for Our May Bravo! Award Winners

Miller Middle School Media Tech Zoraida Martinez
The Bravo! Award for the week of May 7th, goes to Miller Middle School Media Tech Zoraida Martinez. She was nominated by Software System Administrator Brian Schoff. 
In his nomination, he wrote, "Zoe was instrumental in getting Miller ready for CMAS assessments this year. The tech department was short-handed this season during assessment prep and we were going to have trouble getting the TestNav application installed in time for testing to start. Zoe stepped up and organized and prepped the majority of the Winbook and Chromebook carts at Miller. It was a time-consuming task and it allowed me to concentrate on other aspects of CMAS preparations. 

Zoe is a pleasure to work with in general. She is always upbeat and shows a lot of enthusiasm for her work. When she calls the Help Desk for support she is patient with us and appreciative of the work we do."
Great job, Zoraida!
 Needham Elementary Cook Tina Maez
The Bravo! Award for the week of May 14th goes to Needham Elementary Cook Tina Maez. She was nominated by Instructional Paraeducator Jennifer Latham. 
In her nomination, she wrote, "I would like to nominate Tina Maez, who is a cook in the Needham cafeteria and also works the morning and afternoon crosswalk duty at our school. Tina has a break in her work schedule between the jobs and during that time she volunteers in different ways. She has often done different tasks on her own time to help with school culture, such as preparing the monthly birthday celebration bulletin board with students’ names. Most recently, she has been reading with kindergarten students in the mornings after her crosswalk duty. I have enjoyed seeing Tina’s joy in working with students and her being part of our work in educating the whole child. Thank you, Tina, for your giving spirit!"
Great job, Tina!
Ms. Devina Gunn - Animas Valley Elementary
The Bravo! Award for the week of May 28th goes to Devina Gunn Paraprofessiona at Animas Valley Elementary. She was nominated by substitute Yvonne Holland.
Having taught Art for 33 years, I have observed many educators. As I subbed for Ms. Frontella,  Ms. Devina Gunn struck me as a person who is OUTSTANDING as an educator!  She seamlessly moves throughout Animas Valley Elementary School helping out wherever there is a need.  Some examples: 
She begins her day briskly walking a half mile outside with 10 boys who have the need to work off steam. As behavioral issues arose, she quietly spoke to each individual with kindness and respect. After the activity, Devina worked with the boys in a circle, compassionately asking them to think about the positive behaviors they planned to exhibit during the day. Later that school day, I heard Salsa music emanating from the cafeteria.  Upon peaking in, there was Devina enthusiastically demonstrating and dancing along with 5th graders. Throughout the day, I spotted Devina in different locations at Animas Valley assisting children.

The following day, as rain poured outside, Devina quickly laid out mats in the “regulation station room”, and led the same 10 boys in quiet stretches and yoga poses. She then played fast dance music and danced along with the boys, sensitively keeping children on task.  At the end of the session, the boys sat in a circle and she spoke with each boy about the positive contributions they would be making to their day ahead,  as well as how they would encourage others in their classroom.  She lovingly asked the boys to think about their intrinsic gifts, strengths and talents.  She is truly a great children’s counselor and mentor.
I can only imagine the powerful work that she does with students throughout her day.

Yvonne Holland

Congratulations Devina!!  And thanks for all you do.
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