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February 9-R Board of Education Meeting - See What You Missed!

The Finance Advisory Committee is a Board committee established years ago to provide community input on budget and finance practices in general. Members will update the board on their work so far this year and be available for questions. At this board meeting, FAC member Cheryl Weiscamp and chair Art Chase shared the attached report, highlighting their confidence in the direction of the budget, the transparency of allocations within the budget, and their confidence in the leaders overseeing the budget within the district.
The District Accountability Advisory Committee is responsible for conducting review and research of various board charges. Committee members will update the board on their work so far this year and be available for questions. At this board meeting, DAAC Co-Chairs Jessica Wheeler and Melissa McKnight reported Glows and Grows, meaning celebrations and opportunities for growth, within each of the categories they provide oversight on, including:
The DAAC shall have the following responsibilities:
  • Mill Levy Funds and distribution
  • School and district performance results
  • Student perception survey results
  • Unified Improvement Plans (UIP's)
  • Charter School implementation
  • Gifted and Talented programming
  • District School Safe Plan
  • District revised budget at mid-year
  • Personalized Competency Based Learning (PCBL)
  • School Calendars
Please see their attached report around each of these respective categories.
Staffing Allocation Update
Each year, the district tries to look at trends and demographic data to determine staffing needs to accommodate growth or decline in student enrollments. Predicting a flat, no-growth year for the 2019/20 school year, staffing allocations remain the same at all sites.
Employee Health Insurance Update
As the cost of health insurance premiums continue to rise, the District has been able to keep options low for staff and families on the District’s plan, thanks to being a partially-self funded model. As the trends in the industry continue to seeing rising costs in insurance premiums and doctor fees, as well as an increase in claims, the District must make some changes in order to keep the program sustainable while keeping costs down for both the employee and the District.
At the February 26 Durango School District 9-R Board of Education meeting, the Board approved Colorado Employer Benefit Trust (CEBT) as our health insurance partner for the 2019-2020 fiscal year (July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020). CEBT will be administered through Willis, Tower, Watson, and the health insurance carrier will be United Health Care. Effective July 1, 2019, we will terminated our relationship with Durango Insurance Professionals and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Generally speaking, United Health Care has a very similar network of health carrier providers locally, nationally and internationally.
As you may be aware, health care costs have been increasing substantially over the years, and though we have been able to maintain consistent levels of employee contributions for many years, our Health Insurance Committee, who has been meeting monthly since December 2017, review the various options and made plan modifications and premium recommendations to the Board. The Finance Advisory Committee (FAC) also reviewed and made similar recommendations to the Board. As a result and as an effort to ensure a pathway toward sustainability of our health insurance plans, employees participating in the 9-R health insurance plan may experience a cost increase in the employee contribution requirement beginning July 1, 2019. As recommended by both the Health Insurance Committee and FAC, Durango 9-R will continue to offer similar benefits plans.
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